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1 a distinguishing symbol; "the owner's mark was on all the sheep" [syn: marker, mark]
2 a pattern of marks
3 evaluation of performance by assigning a grade or score; "what he disliked about teaching was all the grading he had to do" [syn: grading, scoring]
4 the act of making a visible mark on a surface

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Verb form

  1. present participle of mark


  1. action of the verb to mark
  2. a mark
  3. the characteristic colouration and patterning of an animal

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A marking can refer to:
marking in Dutch: Markering

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

armory, aroma, attribute, badge, badge of office, badges, baton, birthmark, blaze, blazonry, blemish, blotch, brand, brassard, burr, button, cachet, cap and gown, cast, caste mark, chain, chain of office, character, characteristic, check, checkmark, chiseling, cicatrix, class ring, cockade, collar, configuration, cross, cross-hatching, cut, dapple, decoration, demitint, differentia, differential, discoloration, distinctive feature, dot, dress, eagle, earmark, emblems, engravement, engraving, ensigns, etch, etching, fasces, feature, figure, figurehead, flavor, fleck, fleur-de-lis, flick, freckle, gash, gem-engraving, glass-cutting, glyptic, graving, gust, hack, half tint, hallmark, hammer and sickle, hatching, heraldry, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, impress, impression, incision, index, individualism, inscript, inscription, insignia, jot, keynote, lapel pin, lentigo, line, lineaments, lining, livery, mace, macula, mannerism, mantle, mark, markings, medal, mold, mole, mortarboard, mottle, nature, nevus, nick, notch, odor, old school tie, particularity, patch, peculiarity, pin, point, polka dot, prick, property, puncture, quality, quirk, regalia, ring, rose, savor, scar, scarification, school ring, score, scoring, scotch, scratch, scratching, seal, shamrock, shape, sigillography, singularity, skull and crossbones, slash, slashing, smack, specialty, speck, speckle, sphragistics, splash, splotch, spot, staff, stain, stamp, stigma, stipple, stippling, strawberry mark, swastika, taint, tang, tartan, taste, tattoo, tattoo mark, thistle, tick, tie, tint, tittle, token, tooling, trait, trick, type-cutting, uniform, verge, wand, watermark
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